Virginia Residential Lease

Virginia Residential Lease

Easily create a residential fixed-term or month-to-month rental agreement that is taylored to Virginia Law.  This form lets you specify who can live on the property, the amount of rent, and how it's to be paid; set the security deposit and explain how it will be used and returned; explain your rights to enter the rental and the tenant's and landlord's upkeep responsibilities.

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Virginia landlord? Create a residential lease for your state

Virginia has some of the most complicated landlord-tenant laws in the country. If you’re a Virginia landlord, be sure you have a lease or rental agreement that takes into account the special requirements of your state’s law. This lease is written to comply with Virginia law - and is careful to point out where local rent control or other laws may apply, too.

You’ll be able to specify all the key terms of the tenancy: who can live on the property, how much rent will be due, and when and where it must be paid. You’ll also set out the amount of the security deposit and explain how you will use it for damage, cleaning, or unpaid rent. The lease or rental agreement avoids misunderstandings by explaining your legal right to enter the rental unit, and your responsibilities for upkeep.

You can also include restrictions on guests, use of the property, and the consequences of late rent or bounced checks. Finally, you can make legally required disclosures about environmental hazards or other issues.

This plain-English lease or rental agreement comes with clause-by-clause instructions, clearly explaining what each clause means and how to fill in the required information. It includes links to local rent control boards and other government websites that provide helpful information for landlords. 

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