Residential Rental Property Manager Agreement

Residential Rental Property Manager Agreement

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This agreement is between , Landlord of residential real property or properties at , and , Manager of the property or properties.

Multiple Selection: [manager renting unit on property option]
Label Contract Text

Manager renting unit

Manager will be renting  under a separate written rental agreement that is in no way contingent upon or related to this agreement.

Beginning Date

Manager will begin work on .


Manager's duties are set forth below.

Renting Units

Alternate Selection: [rental duty alternate selection]
Label Contract Text

manager will have these renting duties

Multiple Selection: [renting units]
Label Contract Text
phone inquiries Answer phone inquiries about vacancies
show vacant units Show vacant units
accept rental applications Accept rental applications
screen applicants Screen applicants
select tenants Select tenants
accept initial rents and security deposits Accept initial rents and deposits
other Other: 

manager will not have renting duties 

Manager will not handle applicant inquiries, screen or select tenants, show vacant units, or collect initial rent and deposits.

Vacant Units

Alternate Selection: [vacancy duty alternate selection]
Label Contract Text

manager will have these responsibilities for vacant units 

Multiple Selection: [vacant apartments]
Label Contract Text
move-in inspection Inspect unit when tenant moves in
move-out inspection Inspect unit when tenant moves out and as otherwise needed
cleaning after move-out Clean unit after tenant moves out, including: 
Multiple Selection: [cleaning after move]
Label Contract Text
floors floors, carpets, and rugs
walls walls, baseboards, ceilings, lights, and built-in shelves
kitchen kitchen cabinets, countertops, sinks, stove, oven, and refrigerator
bathroom bathtubs, showers, toilets, and plumbing fixtures
openings doors, windows, window coverings, and miniblinds
other Other: 

manager will have no responsibilities for vacant units 

Manager will not handle inspections or vacant unit cleaning.

Rent Collection

Alternate Selection: [rent collection duty alternate selection]
Label Contract Text

managers responsibilities with regard to rent collection 

Multiple Selection: [rent collection multiple select]
Label Contract Text
collect rents Collect rents when due
sign rent receipts Sign rent receipts
maintain rent records Maintain rent collection records
collect late rents  Collect late rents and charges
inform landlord of late rents Inform Landlord of late rents
late rent notices Prepare late rent notices
serve late rent notices Serve late rent notices on tenants
serve rent increases Serve rent increase notices 
serve termination notices Serve tenancy termination notices
transfer or deposit rents Transfer or deposit rent collections 
other Other: 

manager has no rent collection duties Manager will not accept or handle rent payments, and will not prepare rent increase or termination notices.


Alternate Selection: [maintenance duty alternate selection]
Label Contract Text

manager will have maintenance duties 

Outdoor and Common Area Maintenance
Multiple Selection: [maintenance]
Label Contract Text
clean hallways, entryways Vacuum and clean hallways and entryways
replace lightbulbs Replace lightbulbs in common areas
drain water heaters Drain water heaters
clean outside areas Clean stairs, decks, patios, facade, and sidewalks
clean garage oil stains Clean garage oils on pavement
mow lawns Mow lawns
rake leaves  Rake leaves
trim bushes Trim bushes
clean garage Clean up garbage and debris on grounds
exterior painting Painting (exterior)
other Other: 
Interior Maintenance and Repairs
Multiple Selection: [routine maintenance and repairs]
Label Contract Text
plumbing stoppages Resolve plumbing stoppages
garbage disposal Handle garbage disposal stoppages and repairs
faucet leaks, washer replacement Resolve faucet leaks and replace washers
toilet repairs Make repairs to toilets (tank repairs, seat replacements)
stove burner Repair and replace stove burners
stove hinges and knobs Replace stove hinges and knobs
dishwasher repair Repair dishwashers
light switch and outlet repair Repair or replace light switches and outlets
heather thermostat Repair heater thermostats
window Repair and replace windows
interior painting Paint interiors
key replacement Replace keys

manager will have no maintenance duties

Manager will have no maintenance duties.

Repair Requests, Notices From Tenants

Alternate Selection: [tenants\' requests and notices alternate selection]
Label Contract Text

manager accepts tenants notices and requests

Multiple Selection: [repairs]
Label Contract Text
tenant complaints, requests Accept tenant complaints and repair requests
accept notices Accept tenant notices
inform landlord of repair needs Inform Landlord of maintenance and repair needs
log tenant complaints Maintain written log of tenant complaints
other  Other: 

manager does not accept tenants requests and notices

Manager will not accept notices and requests from tenants.


Multiple Selection: [other responsibilities option]
Label Contract Text
manager's other responsibilities

Other Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities described above, Manager will do the following:

Hours and Schedule

Manager will be available to tenants during the following days and times: .  If the Manager reasonably expects that the time required to carry out the Manager's duties will exceed  hours in any week, Manager will notify Landlord and obtain Landlord's consent before working such extra hours, except in the event of an emergency. Extra hours worked due to an emergency must be reported to Landlord within 24 hours.

Payment Terms

Payment Details

The Manager will be paid as follows:

Alternate Selection: [payment basis]
Label Contract Text
time interval and wages

rent reduction

By a reduction in the Manager's rent: 

Ending the Manager's Employment

Landlord may terminate Manager's employment at any time, for any reason that is not unlawful, with or without notice. Manager may quit at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.

Multiple Selection: [additional agreements option]
Label Contract Text
specify additional agreements

Additional Agreements

Landlord and Manager additionally agree as follows:

Keep Together


All agreements between Landlord and Manager relating to the work specified in this agreement are incorporated in this agreement. Any modifications to the agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

Signed at _______________________, ____________________


By , Landlord: _______________________________________
Date: ____________________

By , Manager: _______________________________________
Date: ____________________


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