Residential Rental Application

Use this easy-to-use form to apply for a rental unit, or to hand out to prospective renters.  This form includes information you'll need as a landlord from prospective tenants, including:

  • rental history
  • employment history
  • income and credit history

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  • Most landlords use a rental application to screen potential tenants. The goal is to select tenants who are likely to pay rent on time, keep the unit in good condition and not cause problems. Documenting the applicants' information also protects you from claims of discrimination from rejected tenants.

    If you’re a prospective tenant, use this form to preview the kinds of information you’ll probably be asked to provide.

    Important to Know

    If you’re the landlord:

    • verify the information you receive on the form
    • be sure to obtain a signature before performing a credit check
    • make sure you know how discrimination laws work

    If you’re a prospective tenant in a competitive market, be prepared to answer these questions when you apply to rent a unit, or bring a filled-out application with you.


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    Residential Rental Application