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Easily create a fixed-term lease or a month-to-month rental agreement for residential tenants. This form lets you specify who is authorized to live on the property, establish the amount of rent and when and how it's to be paid, explain the terms of the security deposit (such as the amount and how it will be used and returned), explain your rights to enter the rental property, and highlight the tenant's and landlord’s upkeep responsibilities.

Bonus eGuide

The accompanying eGuide, Nolo's Guide to Your Lease or Rental Agreement, gives you state-by-state rules, which you should reference when filling out your form.

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    Residential landlording is a highly regulated business. For this reason, you need a lease or rental agreement that complies with state and federal law and is understandable by both landlord and tenant.

    In your lease or rental agreement, you’ll set out, in plain English, all the important terms of the tenancy, including who may occupy the unit, the rent, when the rent is due and how it must be paid, details surrounding the security deposit, and the circumstances in which you may legally enter the rental. Additionally, the form explains the tenant’s duty to use the property with reasonable care.

    Once you create a account and purchase your lease, you'll have access to the accompanying eGuide, Nolo’s Guide to Your Lease or Rental Agreement. The guide provides state by state rules for important lease terms such as the maximum security deposit you may collect, notice required to end a month-to-month tenancy, notice to enter a tenant’s home, and more. Simply consult the legal charts and enter the information for your state.

    Easy to Customize

    You may also include other terms in your lease or rental agreement. For example, you may want to impose restrictions on guests and set a policy on late rent and bounced checks. By referring to the accompanying Guide, you'll find the rules in your state and will be able to make any required disclosures.

    To prepare your lease or rental agreement, just follow the step-by-step instructions, which clearly explain each clause and how to fill in the required information.

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