Request for Basis of Unfavorable Credit Offer or Action

Request information from creditors when you find an unfavorable credit decision on your credit report with this simple legal form. Use this form when:

  • a creditor refuses to raise your credit limit
  • your request for credit is refused by a creditor
  • your account has been terminated by a creditor
  • an unfavorable change appears on your account
  • Product Details
  • Clean up your credit -- take steps to fix errors on your credit report

    Under federal law, you have a right to receive certain information in connection with a credit decision. If you find incorrect information in your credit history, you can take steps to correct it and get your financial life back on track.

    Use Nolo's Request Explanation of Unfavorable Credit Offer or Action legal form to find out the following information: 

    • the nature of a credit decision
    • the specific, principal reasons for an adverse credit decision, or your right to request those reasons within 60 days
    • the identity of the reporting agency providing the information on which it relied on making a credit decision
    • the credit report from the reporting agency (within 60 days)

    Armed with this information, you can then dispute incorrect or incomplete entries in your credit report, one of the first crucial steps toward repairing your credit and getting your finances in order.

    For more thorough information on cleaning up your credit, check out Credit Repair , Nolo's bestselling guide to living debt-free.