Prospective Licensee Nondisclosure Agreement for Software Company

If your company is seeking to license your software to another business or have already granted potential purchasers access to your product, it's important to protect your trade secrets with a nondisclosure agreement.

Use this simple legal form to:

  • grant a nonexclusive license to a customer or potential customer for an evaluation period
  • lay out the trade secrets that must be kept confidential
  • establish a confidential relationship with your client

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  • Keep trade secrets safe with a nondisclosure agreement for prospective licensees

    Your company has worked hard on its latest software project and now it's time to reap the rewards by licensing your product to others. But when you make your application available for outside use, you need to make sure your business's secrets are protected. Be sure to prevent licensees from leaking confidential information about your application to your competitors by having each of them sign a nondisclosure agreement.

    Use Nolo's Prospective License Nondisclosure Agreement for Software Company to:

    • clearly state your business's obligations
    • grant your customer a nonexclusive license for an evaluation period
    • lay out what actions are prohibited
    • protect your business with a disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability
    • give your business the right to pursue legal remedies against loose-lipped licensees

    Don't worry about your company's confidential information being leaked to competitors by licensees! Make sure all prospective clients who wish to license your latest application sign this easy-to-use legal form and keep your business's secrets safe.