Prenuptial Agreement Worksheet Kit

Getting married? With such a huge expense looming in your future, it's important to save money where you can. If you've decided to enter into a prenuptial agreement, this kit will help you:

  • create a financial inventory and outline your financial philosophy
  • prepare for financial eventualities
  • communicate your views and goals to your future spouse
Complete the prenup negotiation process yourself - instead of relying on your attorney - and save time and money.
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  • Save money on your prenup - prepare essential details so your attorney doesn't have to

    Congratulations! You're headed to the altar! And you've decided to protect yourself and your future better half with a prenuptial agreement - but getting married is a huge expense, so it's important to save money when and where you can. 

    Enter Nolo's Prenuptial Agreement Worksheet Kit. With the worksheets in this kit, the process of getting your prenup prepared by an attorney will be much faster and simpler than if you hadn't come prepared. This kit includes the following worksheets:

    • Financial Inventory - draw a clear picture of your current financial circumstances
    • Credit History and Spending Habits - create a snapshot of your financial philosophy to help structure key prenup provisions
    • Financial Outlook - take a look down the road ahead and prepare for financial eventualities
    • Prenup Goals - focus on what you want your prenup to accomplish
    • The Basics of Your Prenup - work with your future spouse to compile a list of the basic elements you'll include in the final prenup

    With these documents in hand to present to your attorney, you won't need to spend a lot of time or money having lawyers negotiate the terms of your document, leaving you free to enjoy the big day worry-free - and with more cash in your pocket.