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Validate your LLC name
Nolo will perform a name availability search before submitting your formation documents to the state. We ask that you provide two to three name choices for your LLC and we'll use the first one available. Please do a preliminary search of your own—on the Pennsylvania Department of State's website at—so you can take the time to think about another name if your first choice is already taken.
Prepare and file your certificate of organization
In Pennsylvania, the document needed to form an LLC is called a "certificate of organization." Nolo will prepare your certificate of organization and file it with the Department of State. Your LLC will be formed on the date that the Department of State accepts the document.
Prepare and customize your LLC operating agreement

We will prepare an LLC operating agreement for your LLC and customize it according to your interview answers and the laws of your state. Your operating agreement is an important part of your LLC formation. Here's why:

  • It helps ensure that courts will respect your personal liability protection by showing that you have been conscientious about organizing your LLC.
  • It sets out rules that govern how profits will be split up, how major business decisions will be made, and the procedures for handling the departure and addition of members.
  • It helps to avert misunderstandings among the owners over finances and management.
  • It allows you to create your own operating rules rather than being governed by the default rules in your state's LLC laws, which might not be to your benefit.
  • It will authorize one or more members of the LLC to deposit and withdraw funds in an LLC bank account, an important first step in starting your new business!
Automated error checking
Nolo checks for more than 30 different types of common errors as you progress through our LLC interview. Along with our name availability check, this helps to ensure that your certificate of organization will be accepted by the Department of State and that your operating agreement will be generated according to your state's laws.
Customer service phone support
Our knowledgeable team can answer your questions about our process, your final documents, and more. If you have questions, you can start here.
Guide to formalizing your LLC
Next steps on executing your LLC documents, holding your organizational meeting, registering for state taxes, and filing your annual report.

Business forms bundle
Over 30 forms and contracts, including minutes of LLC meetings, independent contractor agreements, nondisclosure agreements, sales contracts, and more.
State fees

The Department of State charges $125 for LLC formation. This filing fee will be added to your total when you check out.

Prepare your IRS application for an employer
identification number (EIN)
If you choose Nolo's Express Premiere package, Nolo will prepare IRS Form SS-4, your application for an employer identification number (the business tax ID number issued by the IRS). We will email you your completed SS-4 application with your final LLC documents. You simply sign it and fax it or send it to the IRS.
Deluxe LLC records binder and seal, personalized
with your LLC name
Nolo's Express Premiere package offers you a beautiful, personalized LLC records binder that is foil-stamped with your company name on the spine. The binder includes index tabs, a transfer ledger, and 20 personalized membership certificates for your new LLC. The kit also includes an LLC seal for imprinting your LLC name, state, and date of formation on important documents.
Priority rush filing
With Nolo's Priority Rush Filing, your certificate of organization will be submitted to the Department of State within one business day. You will receive send your final LLC three to five business days later. (Without Priority Rush Filing, it will take up three weeks to receive your LLC documents.)