Avoid probate court!

Nolo's Living Trust 2021

Create a legally valid living trust -- quickly and easily.  Protect your family and avoid the expense of probate with this easy-to-use software. With Nolo's Living Trust 2021, you can create:

  • a valid living trust, tailored to your wishes and the laws of your state
  • children's subtrusts for property left to children and young adults
  • custodianships for property left to children

Complete your estate plan with ease!

  • Product Details
  • Create a legally valid living trust – quickly and easily.

    Probate court proceedings take months and can cost thousands of dollars. A living trust lets survivors transfer property quickly and easily to the people who inherit it. Nolo's Living Trust 2021 lets you protect your family without the hassle and expense of probate court.

    With Nolo's Living Trust 2021, you can create:

    • A valid living trust, tailored to your wishes and the laws of your state
    • A living trust for an individual or couple
    • Children's subtrusts for property left to children and young adults
    • Custodianships for property left to children.

    Nolo's Living Trust 2021 is easy to use. The simple question-and-answer format will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a document. And, the program provides lots of legal and practical information to help you along the way – for example:

    • What property to put in your trust – and what to leave out
    • Whether to use an individual or joint trust
    • How living trusts provide for property management in the event of incapacity
    • How to pick a trustee
    • How to transfer property, including real estate and bank accounts, to your trust
    • If and when you should consult a lawyer
    • And everything else you need to know to ensure your trust reflects your needs.

    Best of all, you can use Nolo's Living Trust 2021 to include as many revisions to your documents as needed should your situation change.

    *Estate planning documents not valid in Louisiana or U.S. Territories.

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    Included Forms
    • Individual Living Trust
    • Shared Living Trust
    • Certification of Trust
    • Restatement of Trust
    • Revocation of Trust
    • Letter to Successor Trustee 
  • System Requirements
  • Computer: 1 GHz or higher

    Operating System: Windows 8/8.1/10 or macOS 10.12 and higher

    Memory: Minimum 2 GB

    Hard Disk Space: 54 MB free space. For Windows, up to 1.5 GB if .NET is not installed

    Internet Connection: To receive web updates and access NoloCloud

    Software: PDF Viewer


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Easy to use Living Trust

By Karen M.

I'm trying to put all my ducks in a row so family members will have an easier time when I have passed. This Living Trust was easy understand and fill out for my needs.

Posted on 6/3/2021

Easy to use

By Bruce C.

The software makes completing the process quite easy. I completed our trust in less than half an hour. Still intend to ask an attorney to review the finished product to make certain nothing is missing.

Posted on 5/28/2021


By Lee T.

It is an excellent program that was easy to download.

Posted on 4/9/2021


By James P.

I rate it Fair because there's not enough flexibility to edit the Trust. You can't add or subtract words, sentences or paragraphs to fit your particular needs or circumstances.

Posted on 2/22/2021

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