Ohio Transfer-on-Death Designation Affidavit

Ohio Transfer-on-Death Designation Affidavit

Use this form to leave your Ohio real estate without probate. You retain ownership, responsibility, and control over the property during your life. After your death, ownership transfers to the beneficiary you name. We take you through all the steps, including:

  • naming your beneficiaries
  • writing a description of the property
  • reviewing your completed deed, and
  • signing the deed and having it notarized.

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Recording requested by:

and when recorded mail
this deed and tax statements to:


Transfer-on-Death Designation Affidavit

(Ohio Rev. Stat. section 5302.22)

Alternate Selection: [number of owners]
Label Contract Text
one , grantor, of  County, hereby conveys to   at death, the following real property:

 and , grantors, of  County, hereby convey to  at death, the following real property:

Keep Together

Prior Instrument Reference: Volume , Page .

Multiple Selection: [one married grantor]
Label Contract Text
spouse of grantor

, spouse of the grantor, releases all rights of dower therein.


Date: _________________________                                


Unchangeable Alternate Selection: [number of owners unchangeable]
Label Contract Text


Date: _________________________                                



Date: _________________________  


Date: _________________________                                

This instrument was prepared by: 


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Acknowledgment of Notary Public

State of Ohio                                                              
County of _________________________________


The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me on ____________________________ (date) by  

____________________________________________________________________________ (name of grantor(s)).

(Signature of person taking acknowledgment)

(Title or rank) __________________________

(Serial number, if any) ___________________


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Avoid probate and pass on your Ohio real estate with a simple transfer-on-death deed

If you own real estate in Ohio and want to make sure it passes to your heirs without the hassle of probate court, you can use a transfer-on-death (TOD) deed -- called a “transfer-on-death designation affidavit” in Ohio. This document transfers ownership of your property just like a regular deed you might use to transfer real estate, but with a crucial difference: It doesn't take effect until after your death.

It's easy to make a TOD deed.  You'll simply complete the following steps:

  • fill in information about you and the TOD beneficiary
  • provide a description of the property
  • check over the completed deed
  • sign the deed in front of a notary public, and
  • record the deed at the recorder's office in the county where the property is located.

Take care of your beneficiaries and help them to avoid probate with this plain-English eForm from Nolo.

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