Notice to Cancel Certain Contracts

You can cancel many consumer contracts within three days -- use this form to do so! Download this form and cancel a contract made from purchasing an item or service from one of the following:

  • a door-to-door salesmen
  • an outdoor exhibit
  • or a tradeshow

See below for a full product description.

  • Product Details
  • You have the right to cancel certain types of consumer contracts within three days after signing. This right-to-cancel law applies to door-to-door sales contracts for more than $25, and contracts made anywhere other than the seller’s normal place of business, and some others. (For more information, see "Canceling a Contract Within Three Days".)

    After canceling, the seller must refund your money within 10 days and pick up the items (or reimburse you for sending them) in 20 or 40 days, depending on your state's rules.

    Important to Know:

    • Sales of real estate, insurance, public car auctions and craft fairs are exempt are exempt from the "three day" rule. Items bought as part of a request for a seller to do home repair or maintenance are also exempt (though purchases made beyond the repair or maintenance request are covered).
    • Read the instructions that accompany this form for more details on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC)“Cooling-Off Rule.”
    • This form can be found in "101 Forms for Personal Use."