Nondisclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement

Nondisclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement

Use this nondisclosure (or confidentiality) agreement, also known as an NDA, to protect your business when you hire an employee. You may use it to safeguard a secret design, an idea for a new website, sensitive financial information and more.

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If your employees have access to confidential business information—that is, your trade secrets—you can protect your company with this nondisclosure agreement (NDA). It prohibits employees from using your trade secrets for their own gain, and from disclosing it to your competitors.

It's best to have a new employee sign a nondisclosure agreement immediately. If you want a current employee to sign a nondisclosure agreement, you will probably need to provide an incentive, such as a raise or promotion.

Also, keep in mind that a nondisclosure agreement is only part of the solution—you should also take steps to restrict access to the information you want kept secret.

This plain-English eForm from Nolo can be an important part of your strategy for taking good care of your business.


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