Minutes of Directors' Meeting

Minutes of Directors' Meeting

Record the decisions of your corporation's directors, quickly and easily with this form.  It comes with plain-English instructions so you can clearly and simply complete minutes for your corporation.

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Your corporation must have a written record of all important board decisions -- failure to do so can have serious consequences. Use this form to record the decisions reached by directors at any directors’ meeting.

Important to Know:

  • Do not use these minutes if this meeting is being conducted by telephone -- instead, turn to The Corporate Records Handbookfor the proper forms.
  • A valid meeting cannot be held without a quorum. A quorum is the minimum number of directors who must be present to hold a valid directors meeting and take action.
  • These are streamlined minutes to meet the minimum needs of a corporation with just a few directors and shareholders. Corporations wishing to take unusual or highly specialized actions should consult The Corporate Records Handbook.

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