Letter to Caretaker of Special Needs Child

Craft a letter for the future caretaker of your child and gain peace of mind knowing that your loved one's day-to-day needs have been clearly outlined by the person who knows them best. Use this letter to lay out essential information such as:

  • medical history
  • day-to-day routines and needs
  • social environment

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  • Plan for the future of your special needs child

    If you're the primary caregiver for a child with special needs, it's important to provide for your loved one as part of your estate plan. Appointing a caretaker and ensuring your child's financial future are important legal tasks -- but what about the more personal aspects of your child's life?

    Use this form to help you convey the many important details about your child's unique interests and needs, and rest easy knowing that you've helped your child's future caretaker provide a good quality of life for your child. Get guidance on communicating important information like:

    • family history
    • medical history
    • current medical and dental providers
    • education
    • employment
    • current living situation
    • day-to-day routines and needs
    • social environment
    • religious proclivities
    • final arrangements

    While writing this letter may seem daunting, you'll get plain English help and instructions every step of the way. Plus, read the sample beneficiary letter included with this kit, which may help you craft your own letter. Don't leave your child's day-to-day future up to chance -- use Nolo's Letter to Caretaker of Special Needs Child to convey crucial information and give you peace of mind.