Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

Keep contract negotiations on the up and up by creating a letter of intent. Use this legal form to summarize agreed-upon contract terms, agree to act in good faith, and avoid prematurely binding yourself to contract terms.

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Dear :

This letter reflects our discussions regarding the terms and conditions of the proposed , more specifically described below. Please review this letter of intent, and if it accurately reflects our discussions, return a copy with your signature. We will then proceed to a written draft of the agreement. Thanks for your cooperation.

Letter of Intent

This document is a Letter of Intent only. It is not intended to be, and shall not constitute in any way, a binding legal agreement.

Contract Terms

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The terms for the proposed  are as follows: 

attach term sheet

The terms for the proposed  are attached to this letter and incorporared within this letter of intent.

Keep Together


The parties agree to act in good faith to execute a written contract incorporating the terms of this Letter of Intent on or before . If this letter accurately reflects our agreement, please sign and return one copy to me.

Yours truly,



Acknowledged and Agreed to by:

Date: _____________________________


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Negotiate contracts with confidence -- record agreed-upon terms with a letter of intent

Negotiating a contract can be a time-consuming and contentious process. But what do you do to make sure that the terms of your agreement will be followed between the time of negotiations and the creation of the contract.

Nolo's Letter of Intent eForm is designed to help you record the essential business terms that you've negotiated with the other party. Use this legal form to:

  • summarize agreed-upon terms
  • agree to act in good faith
  • avoid binding yourself to contract terms should anything unexpected arise

Don't let your negotiations be for naught; sign a letter of intent when you agree to enter into a contract and rest easy once you've signed on the dotted line.

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