Landlord-Tenant Checklist

Minimize disputes over security deposits with this easy-to-use form.  This form provides a room-by-room check list to evaluate the condition of a property before and after move-in, so come the end of the lease, the landlord can justify deductions from the security deposit.

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  • Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, use this checklist to identify concerns, problems or note conditions both at the beginning and end of tenancy.  Both of you will have a record of what needs cleaning or repair at the beginning, and end, of a tenancy.

    Important to Know

    • Without this checklist as proof of what items were damaged or dirty when you moved in, your landlord could take your whole security deposit to pay for these items.
    • Photos are also good. Use them to compare the unit’s condition at the start and end of the tenancy.
    • When you later move out, if your landlord isn't forthcoming with the return of your security deposit, use "Tenant's Demand for Return of Security Deposit."
    Included Forms
    Landlord-Tenant Walk-Through Checklist

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