Invoice for Services

Submit an invoice to a client or contractor and protect your business.  Keep the lines of communication open with this easy-to-use form and translate your services into an invoice with all the legally necessary components, including:

  • invoice number
  • materials, supplies and equipment costs
  • taxpayer identification

  • Product Details
  •  Protect your business by submitting an invoice to a client or contractor

    Your contract for services, or independent contractor agreement, may require you to submit an invoice or invoices to the client. And, even if it's not a contractual obligation, it's still a good idea to send periodic invoices to reduce the chance of misunderstandings between you and your client about what is owed.

    Nolo's Invoice for Services eForm includes all the legally necessary components of an invoice and the plain English instructions you'll need to fill it out correctly. Plus, you'll get instructions for which member of your organization should sign the invoice and when.