Independent Contractor Agreement for Direct Salesperson (for IC)

Independent Contractor Agreement for Direct Salesperson (for IC)

If you're hired as an independent contractor, it's important that you protect your status as a worker and outline your expectations for the duration of your services. Use this agreement to outline:

  • the services you'll provide
  • deadlines you've agreed to meet
  • when you'll be paid, including late fees if you're not paid on time

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Take the worry out of your working relationship and establish a direct salesperson as an independent contractor

If your firm hires someone to sell consumer products to people in their homes or somewhere other than an established retail store, you're hiring a direct seller. And though the IRS automatically classifies direct sellers as independent contractors in most cases, if you ever come under IRS scrutiny, it's important that you have documentation establishing the status of your direct salespeople as independent contractors ("ICs"). Use this simple agreement written specifically for experts and consultants to help ensure that your working relationship functions smoothly, and to prove that the worker is indeed an independent contractor and not an employee--without being too one-sided in your favor. The agreement covers:

  • services the IC will provide
  • deadlines the IC must meet
  • when the IC will be paid and how much
  • how either side can change or end the agreement

Simply fill out the required information on the form, enter your IC's taxpayer ID number, print, and sign. It's that easy!

This form is appropriate for independent contractors. If your organization is hiring an independent contractor, use this form instead:

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