Independent Contractor Agreement for Accountants and Bookkeepers (for ICs)

Independent Contractor Agreement for Accountants and Bookkeepers (for ICs)

If you're an independent contractor performing accounting or bookkeeping service, it's important that you protect your status as a worker and outline your expectations for the duration of your services. Use this form to clearly and simply outline:

  • the services you'll provide
  • deadlines you've agreed to meet
  • when you'll be paid, including late fees if you're not paid on time

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Protect yourself when you're hired to provide accounting or bookkeeping services as an independent contractor

When you sign on to perform an accounting or bookkeeping job, it's important that you establish a clear working relationship with the firm that hired you. And, should you ever come under IRS scrutiny, it's essential that you have a record outlining your status as an independent contractor and not an employee of your client. This simple agreement, written specifically for accountants and bookkeepers, will do just that.

Simply fill out the required information on the form, enter your taxpayer ID number, print, and sign. It's that easy!

This form is appropriate for independent contractors who have been hired to do a job. If you're hiring an independent contractor, use this form instead:

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