Hire Corporate Employees & Approve Expenses

Hire Corporate Employees & Approve Expenses


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Hire Corporate Employees & Approve Expenses

, 5th Edition

Record the decisions your corporation makes regarding hiring, reimbursing and compensating your employees with this easy-to-use eGuide. It provides 35 forms (and the instructions you need to fill them out), including:

  • Approval of Hiring Corporate Employee
  • Board Approval of Stock Bonus or Stock Option Plan
  • Board of Directors Adoption of Retirement Plan 
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An important part of any corporation's business is to hire corporate personnel, arrange for salaries, fringe benefits, expense reimbursements and retirement plans, and sometimes even delegate authority to an employee.

Hire Corporate Employees and Approve Benefits & Expenses explains many of the options regarding compensating employees, including the deductibility of expenses, benefits and insurance premiums. This easy-to-use eGuide also provides an in-depth overview of the various retirement plans available to corporations, and explains when you want to document the delegation of authority to an employee.

This eGuide provides 35 forms (and the instructions you need to fill them out), including:

  • Approval of Hiring Corporate Employee
  • Approval of Bonuses and Salary Increases
  • Shareholder Ratification of Employee Pay
  • Approval of Independent Contractor Services
  • Appointment of Corporate Officers
  • Authorization of Payment for Attending Meetings
  • Approval of Director or Officer Stipend for Attendance at Meetings
  • Indemnification and Insurance for Directors and Officers
  • Authorization of Health, Accident or Disability Insurance for Employees
  • Adoption of Self-Insured Medical Reimbursement Plan
  • Approval of Purchase of Group Term Life Insurance
  • Authorization of Employee Death Benefit
  • Agreement Regarding Death Benefits
  • Approval of Purchase or Lease of Company Car
  • Authorization of Mileage Allowance Payments to Employees
  • Business Meal Expense Allotment for Employees
  • Authorization of On-Premises Meals and Lodging for Employees
  • Authorization of Corporate Credit Cards for Employees
  • Authorization of Reimbursement Plan for Travel and Entertainment Expenses
  • Authorization of Per Diem Travel Allowance for Employees
  • Board Approval of Stock Bonus or Stock Option Plan
  • Board of Directors Adoption of Retirement Plan
  • Board of Directors Adoption of Profit Sharing Plan
  • Shareholder Ratification of Retirement Plan
  • Delegation of Authority to Corporate Employee
  • Director Ratification of Employee's Acts
  • Board Ratification of Employee's Contract
  • Rescission of Authority of Employee
  • Ratification of Director Decisions and/or Employee Acts by Shareholders

About the Author

  • Anthony Mancuso

    Anthony Mancuso is a corporations and limited liability company expert. He graduated from Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, is a member of the California State Bar, writes books and software in the fields of corporate and LLC law, and studies advanced business taxation at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He has also been a consultant for Silicon Valley EDA (Electronic Design Automation) companies, most recently working on a C++ open-source integrated circuit database project team. He is the author of several Nolo books on forming and operating corporations (both profit and nonprofit) and limited liability companies. His titles include Incorporate Your Business, How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation (national and California editions), Form Your Own Limited Liability Company, The Corporate Records Handbook, and LLC or Corporation? His books have shown over a quarter of a million businesses and organizations how to form a corporation or LLC. He also is a licensed helicopter pilot and has performed for years as a guitarist in many musical idioms.

Table of Contents


  • Why Key Corporate Decisions Should Be Recorded
  • How Should Corporate Decisions Be Recorded?
  • Who Should Use These Forms?
  • When to Consult a Professional
  • Further Resources

Corporate Hiring, Appointment, Compensation, and Authority Delegation Resolutions

  • Hiring and Paying Corporate Employees
  • Using Independent Contractors
  • Appointing and Paying Corporate Officers
  • Compensation for Attending Meetings
  • Approval of Indemnification for Corporate Directors, Officers, and Employees
  • Authorization or Ratification of Employee’s Authority

Employee Fringe Benefits and Business Expense Reimbursement Resolutions

  • Introduction to Employee Fringe Benefits
  • Group Health, Accident, and Disability Insurance
  • Self-Insured Medical Reimbursement Plans
  • Resolution Authorizing Group Term Life Insurance
  • Authorization of Death Benefi t Contract
  • Payment of Employee Automobile Expenses
  • Payment of Meals and Lodging
  • Resolution Authorizing Business Expenses With Corporate Credit or Charge Card
  • Reimbursement of Employee Business Expenses
  • Resolution Approving Stock Bonus or Stock Option Plan

Retirement Plan Resolutions

  • How to Use This Material
  • Overview of Corporate Retirement Plans
  • Resolutions to Adopt Retirement Plans

Action by Written Consent

  • Step 1. Check Your Bylaws for Your Written Consent Rules
  • Step 2. Prepare the Written Consent Form
  • Step 3. Place Signed Consent Forms in Your Corporate Records Book

Certification, Affidavit, or Acknowledgment of Corporate Decision Making

  • Certification of Board or Shareholder Action
  • Affidavit of Corporate Decision Making
  • Acknowledgment of Corporate Document

Appendix: Print-Only Forms

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