General Mutual Release

General Mutual Release

If you're in a dispute in which both sides claim the other's at fault, use this form to release each other from future claims. With this form, you can settle disputes, including:

  • contract
  • debt
  • personal injury

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 and  voluntarily and knowingly sign this mutual release with the intention of eliminating the liabilities and obligations described below.

Release of Claims

Each party hereby releases the other party from all claims, known or unknown, that have arisen or may arise from the following occurrence:  (the "Dispute"). We each hereby expressly release the other from all claims and demands, known and unknown, arising out of the Dispute. Each party understands that, as to claims that are known to that party when the release is signed, any statutory provisions that would otherwise apply to limit this general release are hereby waived. Each party also understands that this release extends to claims arising out of this Dispute that are not known at the time this release is signed. This release additionally applies to our heirs, legal representatives, and successors and is binding on our spouses, heirs, legal representatives, assigns, and anyone else claiming under us. Neither of us has assigned to another party any claim arising under or out of the Dispute.

Consideration for Release

Alternate Selection: [consideration alternate]
Label Contract Text
acknowledge consideration The parties acknowledge the sufficiency of the exchanged-for consideration granted for this release.
list consideration

As consideration for this mutual release, the parties have agreed as follows:

Each party understands that providing the consideration described above is not an admission of any liability or responsibility for the above described Dispute or its consequences.

Keep Together

By signing this release, each party additionally intends to bind his or her spouse, heirs, legal representatives, assigns, and anyone else claiming under him or her. Neither party has assigned any claim arising from the Dispute to any other party. This release applies to each party's heirs, legal representatives, insurers, and successors, as well as to the party making the release.

By: ______________________________  Date: __________

Multiple Selection: [releasor spouse]
Label Contract Text
party 1 spouse signature

By: ______________________________  Date: __________



By: ______________________________  Date: __________

Multiple Selection: [releasee spouse]
Label Contract Text
party 2 spouse signature

By: ______________________________  Date: __________




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Use this form when settling a personal dispute over a contract, debt, or minor personal injury where both parties claim that the other is at fault and that each has suffered injury or property damage.

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