Elder Care Agreement

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Elder Care Agreement

When you hire someone to care for your parents, use this agreement to cover all the details and your concerns.You'll outline the person's responsibilities, hours, compensation, benefits and payment schedule.

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Location and Schedule of Care

Caregiver agrees to care for  at  according to the following schedule: .

Beginning Date

Employment will begin on 


The caregiver's responsibilities will include:


Caregiver will be compensated as follows:

Alternate Selection
Label Contract Text
Hourly $ per hour
Monthly $ per month
Weekly  $ per week

Payment Schedule

Alternate Selection
Label Contract Text
Weekly Caregiver will be paid once a week on .
Twice monthly Caregiver will be paid twice a month on .
Monthly Caregiver will be paid once a month on .
Multiple Selection
Label Contract Text


Employer will provide Caregiver with the following benefits:

Termination Policy

Employer or Caregiver may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason, without notice.

Multiple Selection
Label Contract Text
additional provisioins

Additional Provisions

Employer and Caregiver agree to the following additional terms:  .

Keep Together

Modifications in Writing

To be binding, any modifications to this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties to the agreement.

Signature: __________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________

Signature: __________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________


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Use this form to spell out your agreement with someone who’s caring for an older person. You'll detail the person's responsibilities, hours, compensation, benefits and payment schedule.

If you’re using an agency, use this form as a guide to make sure your concerns are covered.

Important to Know:

  • Be sure to read the instructions that accompany this form for important information on legal and tax responsibilities.

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