Cosigner Provision

Offer a loan safely by requiring your borrower have a cosigner.

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  • Loan money to any borrower safely by requiring a cosigner

    If you’re making a loan to someone with little or no credit history (or questionable credit), it may make sense to require a cosigner or two on the written agreement. When a cosigner -- typically a relative or friend of the primary borrower -- cosigns on a loan, they assume responsibility if the borrower can’t repay the debt. When you use it in tandem with one of Nolo’s Promissory Notes, the Cosigner Provision can:

    • give you peace of mind when extending credit to riskier borrowers
    • act as a loan repayment insurance policy (each person who cosigns a loan is 100% responsible for repayment if the borrower can’t pay)
    • provide full, written disclosure of cosigners’ potential liability for debt under the loan

    Take some of the risk out of the lending process by adding a Cosigner Provision to your Promissory Note.

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