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, 2nd Edition

Sign any contract with confidence, armed with the plain-English information and explanations in the first desk reference of contract terms written specifically with non-lawyers in mind. Get information on:

  • common contract terms
  • how to decipher the language of contracts
  • how to change contracts

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Life has become an endless series of contracts - this is the manual.

There’s no reason to risk your hard-earned money signing a contract you don’t understand. With Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference, you get easy-to-understand explanations for every common contract term. In no time, you’ll grasp mysterious concepts such as “waiver,” “indemnity,” and “most favored nation.”

Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference is more than just an A–Z explanation of over 300 terms. It also includes:

  • common negotiating strategies
  • examples of contract provisions
  • sample contracts with explanations
  • illegal and dangerous contract clauses to watch out for
  • what to expect if a contract is broken
  • up-to-date explanations of electronic contracts, and
  • tips on amending and modifying agreements.

Whether you’re starting a business, signing a lease, hiring a new employee or independent contractor, licensing a concept, selling a boat, or contracting for a new fireplace, Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference can help. A must-have for small business owners, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and law students—and anyone else whose success is built around understanding and negotiating agreements.

“… helps laypeople navigate the sometimes murky waters of contractual agreements.”-Library Journal

“Nolo is a pioneer in both consumer and business self-help books and software.” - Los Angeles Times

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