Consent of Directors

This form has everything your corporation's directors need to cast their votes without a meeting.  Provide your corporation's shareholders with an alternative -- and often easier -- way to vote.  Directors can sign "consents" in the absence of a meeting, which is particularly helpful when:

  • a meeting is missed
  • a corporation is run by one person
  • a corporation is family owned

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  • Product Details
  • Directors may document their actions by signed, written “consents” instead of holding meetings, voting on issues and recording the votes in minutes.

    Important to Know:

    • Notifying the directors who have not signed a consent is often required by a corporation’s bylaws. If fewer than all directors sign a consent, send a copy to those who didn’t sign so they know what’s happened and can ask for a meeting to reopen the issue if they disagree.
    • Do not use a written consent of directors as a mechanism for avoiding open discussion of controversial issues. Cutting off even one dissenting voice can be a recipe for a lawsuit in any small corporation.