Commercial Sublease

Commercial Sublease

If you wish to sublease space to another business, this is the form you need.  You can use this form to establish a relationship with a subtenant if you want to:

  • turn over part of your space to another tenant while you continue to occupy the rest of the space
  • lease out all of your space for a while, but return to the space during the term of your original lease.

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Use this form if you are leasing commercial property and want to turn over a portion of it to a subtenant, or need to rent out the entire space for a short time while you're away.

Important to Know

  • You will still be obligated to the terms of your original lease with your landlord -- even if your subtenant doesn't pay the rent owed to you.
  • Your lease most likely requires that you obtain permission from your landlord to sublease space -- this form includes a clause that refers to the landlord’s consent, for which you should use a separate form (Landlord’s Consent to Commercial Sublease)
  • If you want to obligate your subtenant to responsibilities not specified in this sublease, you may need to use a full-blown lease and modify it accordingly

If you plan to sublease all of your space and not return to it, use Assignment of Commercial Lease  instead.

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