Nonprofit Bylaws

Nonprofit Bylaws

This form gives you everything you need to create the document that governs daily operations of a nonprofit corporation.  Create bylaws in order to:

  • orderly handle the legalities of nonprofit corporate life
  • create a paper trail that ensures your limited liability status

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A nonprofit corporation’s bylaws are the internal rules that govern the day-to-day operations of the company, such as how many directors will serve on the board and when and where the shareholders’ and directors’ meetings will be held.

You should prepare and follow bylaws for two reasons:

  1. Your nonprofit corporation needs an orderly way to handle the legalities of corporate life. Bylaws provide this for you.
  2. To be sure you maintain your limited liability status, you need create a paper trail that demonstrates your corporation is following traditional business formalities.

Important to Know:

  • These bylaws are designed for a small nonprofit corporation.
  • Your business may require more customized bylaws or assistance from an attorney.

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