Basic Louisiana Will

Basic Louisiana Will

Write a will in Louisiana quickly and easily with one form.  Though you'll probably want to draft a more extensive will in the long term, this will covers the essential steps you need to take to protect your family and your property.  For adults in Louisiana over 18 years old with or without children, this basic will can be used to:

  • appoint an executor to be in charge of winding up your affairs
  • name alternate beneficiaries to your property
  • name an adult to look after your young children if you and the other parent are unable

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Write your will in Louisiana and enjoy peace of mind

Everyone should have a will—and with this form, it’s easy and quick to make one. (It's also easy to change or revoke, so you won't be stuck with it later if you change your mind.) So if you need to write a will quickly when you're planning to travel, or don't want to spend a lot of time planning your estate right now, this is the way to go. You may want to draft a more extensive will in the long term, but this will lets you protect your family and your property.

You can use this will to leave your assets to the people or organizations you choose. Even more important, if you have young children, is that you can name someone to raise them in the unlikely event that you and the other parent should die before they’re adults. If you don’t nominate someone in your will, a judge would have to make the choice without any input from you about your wishes.

In your will, you also name someone to serve as your executor after your death. This person will be in charge of winding up your affairs and making sure the directions in your will are carried out.

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