Authorization to Drive a Motor Vehicle

Authorization to Drive a Motor Vehicle

If you're lending your car to a friend, use this document to make it legal.  It provides important legal proof that you’ve given someone else permission to drive your vehicle.

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Vehicle Owner 


Vehicle and Identifying Information

Make, model, and year of vehicle: 
Vehicle license plate number: 
State of registration: 
Vehicle identification number (VIN): 
Insurance company: 
Insurance policy number: 

Person Authorized to Drive (the Borrower) 

Driver's license number: 

Multiple Selection
Label Contract Text
borrower's insurance company

Motor vehicle insurance company: 

borrower's insurance number

Insurance policy number: 

Keep Together

Authorization and Consent of Vehicle Owner

I am the lawful owner of the vehicle indicated above. I give my authorization and consent for , Borrower, to use this vehicle as follows:

Date(s) of use: 

Area in which vehicle may be used: 

Any restrictions or conditions on use: 

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of  that the foregoing is true and correct.

Owner's signature: ______________________________

Date: ________________________________________


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Lending your vehicle to a friend or relative isn’t as simple as handing over the keys. What if the person who borrows your car is pulled over by the police, or is involved in an accident? The driver will need to prove that you agreed to lend your car. A driver who can’t show written permission from you could be detained while police investigate whether or not the vehicle has been stolen.

You can provide that written proof quickly and easily by completing this form, which makes it clear that the driver has your permission to drive your vehicle. On the form, you’ll simply enter important information—including your insurance policy number, which will help make sure that the driver (and car) will be taken care of if there’s an accident. You can also use this form to set restrictions or limits on the borrower’s use of the car.

This form is designed for a car, but it will work fine for a motorcycle, truck or motorboat.

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