Adjustment of Status Checklist for Employment-Based Immigrant

Apply for your green card when a U.S. employer has agreed to sponsor you for legal immigration. Get the facts on:

  • what paperwork your prospective employer needs to fill out
  • your role in the immigration process
  • when it's appropriate to consult an immigration attorney
  • Product Details
  • Apply for your green card when a U.S. employer agrees to sponsor you

    You've secured a job offer from a company in the U.S. that is willing to sponsor you for an employment-based green card -- what now? Help your employer shepherd your application through the USCIS and make sure you've completed every necessary step along the way using Nolo's Adjustment of Status Checklist for Employment-Based Immigrant.

    This helpful checklist comes complete with all the instructions and explanations you need to understand the process of immigrating to the U.S. as a legal worker. Get the facts on:

    • your prospective employer's responsibilities for a successful application
    • which forms you and your employer need to fill out and where to obtain them
    • what to expect after your employer submits form I-140
    • how to keep necessary paperwork organized
    • how to submit your paperwork to the USCIS and pay required fees

    Don't let disorganization derail your chances for a successful green card application! Use this checklist and you'll be at work in the U.S. quickly and without hassle.

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