Oregon Landlord Kit

Oregon Landlord Kit



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Oregon Landlord Kit

Rent out your Oregon residential property quickly and legally with this eGuide.  Designed to comply with Oregon state law (and careful to point out where local law or rent control may apply, too), this all-in-one kit contains rental documents, including:

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Oregon landlord? Get everything you need to run your business in one easy-to-use kit

Oregon landlord-tenant law is among the most complex in the country. If you’re a landlord in Oregon and you are renting your property to single or multiple tenants, on a monthly or yearly basis, you need this Oregon-specific kit to get every tenancy off to a good start. Designed to comply with state law (and careful to point out where local law or rent control may apply, too), this kit contains four separate rental documents:

In addition, this kit contains a Landlord-Tenant Checklist, which lets you document the condition of the rental at move-in, at the pre-move out inspection, and at the end of the tenancy. Careful use of the Checklist will avoid many hassles over the use and retention of security deposits.

Each lease and rental agreement comes with a full set of clause-by-clause instructions, explaining the meaning of each clause and how to fill in the required information. Use the word processing program on your computer (or print the form and fill in the blanks) to create a legal, binding lease that embodies the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in Oregon, all in plain English.

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Included Forms
  • Oregon Residential Rental Agreement, Single Tenant
  • Oregon Residential Rental Agreement, Multiple Tenants
  • Oregon Residential Lease, Single Tenant
  • Oregon Residential Lease, Multiple Tenants
  • Landlord-Tenant Checklist