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Protect your personal property and save on taxes by forming a limited liability company online. This comprehensive package makes it easy to form your own LLC. Advantages of an LLC include:

  • single-member (SMLLC) or multi-member ownership structure
  • no limit to the number of owners
  • owners can report profit and loss on their individual tax returns
  • not required to hold annual meetings or record minutes

Most businesses can benefit from forming an LLC, no matter what their size. Whether you want to form a multi-member LLC or single-member LLC (SMLLC), this product is tailored to fit your needs.

You can trust Nolo

For over 40 years Nolo has been publishing affordable, plain English books, forms and software on a wide range of legal and business issues, including estate planning, small business, personal finance, housing, divorce and intellectual property. Everything we publish is regularly revised and improved by our staff of lawyer-editors, to make sure that it's the best it can be. We pay close attention to changes in the law and we'll make sure your online legal documents stay legally up to date.

Please note We believe accurate, plain-English legal information should help you solve many of your own legal problems. But it's not a substitute for personalized advice from a knowledgeable lawyer. If you want the help of a trained professional-- and we'll always point out situations in which we think that's a good idea-- consult an attorney licensed to practice in your state.

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    - Money Maker’s Monthly


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Customer Reviews

19 Reviews





Review by James S.
It was easy to set up the turn around was fast no issues at all. Now I just need a food truck. (Posted on 6/20/2017)

Failure, the Arch Nemisis by Michael C.
Used NOLO to create an LLC and get a NC contractor's license just in time to go belly-up in '07-08. Of course that last bit wasn't NOLO's fault. Anyways, back then, you had to buy the book...walk through the steps. No major stress, but still, it was a little like doing homework in high school. Who ever got a big charge out of that? So yeah, big difference this time. For not that much more $, NOLO made it a "hands-free" operation...allowing me to concentrate on other necessaries. Appreciate it NOLO. Now...keep an eye out for LLC. 'Course if this one goes belly-up still won't be NOLO's fault. (Posted on 6/19/2017)

Review by Anonymous
Really simple process. I appreciated the thoroughness and the speed of getting it done. (Posted on 6/12/2017)

Super easy LLC by Anonymous
Super easy way to protect yourself at a low cost. (Posted on 5/23/2017)

Review by Anonymous
extremely easy to use. i have used them many times over the years and have always been satisfied with the results. (Posted on 5/18/2017)

Review by Anonymous
Could be just a little more detailed but overall its good (Posted on 5/4/2017)

Review by Anonymous
Very user friendly. Received all of my documents super quick. (Posted on 5/2/2017)

Terrific! by Anonymous
Great service! My LLC was formed quickly, and the paperwork, I received in a few days. The price was reasonable too. (Posted on 4/30/2017)

Review by Anonymous
I am pleased to do business with Making my first business an official Limited Liability Company is very exciting. Thank you for helping me make this a reality.

(Posted on 4/22/2017)

Very easy by Anonymous
Very easy to incorporate with Nolo. You also learn alot as you are forming your corporation. An Awesome service (Posted on 4/5/2017)

Clear step-by-step process and excellent customer service by R. Steinbeck
I really liked this product. It walked me through the entire process step by step. It was pretty self-explanatory. A staff member at Nolo Press contacted me afterwards, as there was a question about one of the entries I made. Excellent customer service. I can highly recommend using this product for setting up an LLC in California. (Posted on 4/3/2017)

Review by Anonymous
great service and product (Posted on 3/30/2017)

Great Job by Anonymous
Knowledgeable, easy, competent and quickly filed. (Posted on 3/27/2017)

Review by Anonymous
It was easy to register for the Articles of Organization. (Posted on 3/24/2017)

Texas LLC application through NOLO webside by Anonymous
Everything with my LLC filing with Texas went very smooth, prompt and quick. As a matter of the fact, I filed on-line through NOLO on weekend, and the certification of formation was approved by Texas SOS on Monday. It literally took less than a day.
In brief, I am very satisfied with my online LLC application using NOLO webside. (Posted on 3/9/2017)

Wish I'd Used Someone Else... by Anonymous
The process was simple enough, but some of the instructions were unclear. There should be a review period after the form is submitted to allow for last minute changes/corrections. I spent over $800 to form my LLC using NOLO and I now have to pay an additional $100 to make a simple but necessary change. I recommend this product only if you're all ready very well-informed of process and just need a platform for executing it. (Posted on 3/7/2017)

Satisfied....... by Anonymous
The service helped far more than expected. There are different packages offered depending on your knowledge of business. Only reservation is if you decide to purchase the cheaper package your process is slowed down drastically, and if you have a tight timeline to get this started you should spend the extra money. (Posted on 2/21/2017)

Review by Anonymous
Everything went great. (Posted on 2/11/2017)

Review by Anonymous
Very easy to use, walked me thru the steps. (Posted on 1/27/2017)