Every Texas Landlord's Legal Guide

Every Texas Landlord's Legal Guide



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Every Texas Landlord's Legal Guide

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, 1st Edition

If you’re a Texas landlord, understand that state law regulates all aspects of your business—but you can’t afford to consult a lawyer every time you have a legal question. Here’s a quick, plain-English guide to the key legal and practical information every Texas landlord needs to run a successful business.

Learn how to:

  • avoid problem tenants by checking  references, criminal history, and credit reports
  • protect yourself from discrimination claims and lawsuits
  • head off rent withholding by setting up a good repair and maintenance system, and
  • make allowable deductions from tenants’ security deposits.

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Why complying with Texas law is essential to running a successful rental business!

Getting up to speed on landlord-tenant law in Texas doesn’t require hiring an expensive real estate attorney. Every Texas Landlord’s Legal Guide gives you the answers you need, quickly and easily.

Written by experts on landlord-tenant law, this eBook explains the legal rules you and your tenants must follow, including:

  • how to avoid the most common (and costly) mistakes landlords make when screening tenants
  • why allowing too many occupants in your rental property may lead to lawsuits by unhappy neighbors
  • how move-in and move-out letters are simple and effective ways to maintain good tenant relations
  • when you can rent a unit “as-is” and what this means in terms of your repair and maintenance responsibilities
  • the expensive consequences, in terms of lost rent and costly penalties, of failing to maintain your property
  • the legal do’s and don’ts of making deductions from a tenant’s security deposit,  
  • and much more.

The perfect companion to Nolo’s Texas Residential Lease!

For a more comprehensive guide for landlords, see Every Landlord’s Legal Guide.

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