Children's Carpool Agreement

Children's Carpool Agreement


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Children's Carpool Agreement

Use this form to help clarify every parent's role in getting each other's kids to and fro.  From emergency arrangements to insurance, this form covers all the specifics you need to create a carpool agreement that works for everyone.

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Children's carpools can save lots of time -- but there are good arrangements and those that don’t work. One of the best ways to create a good arrangement is to make sure all carpool members clearly understand the commitment they are making.

Use this form as the base of that agreement. It will help your carpool specify who will be the drivers, document insurance, specify emergency arrangements, know the plan for coping with children who aren’t ready, and make special considerations clear.

Important to Know

  • Unlike most forms on, this is not a legally binding agreement. If a member doesn't live up to the agreement, the only recourse is to talk it over and try to reach a consensus.